Akira 酸素漂白咖啡濾紙 (1-2人)

Akira 酸素漂白咖啡濾紙 (1-2人)

  • $60.00

日本製造手沖咖啡用濾紙  (香港行貨)

適用於Hario V60 01濾杯

Akira Co. Ltd. was established in 1977 as a professional manufacturer for make coffee related equipment.

After 30 years of development and improvement, we have achieved highest quality. Many well-known cafe stores specify to use.To make a cup of good coffee, the most important things is temperature control and thickness of grinding coffee powder.The stability of these two factors determine the coffee. Akira has been following this procedure for many years and always choose high quality components, sour products are strong and durable. The pirated products can never replace our products.

"Even though the appearance can be imitated, the quality can never be replicated." See that Akira holds the best quality product. Akira is credible and considerate to your needs. We never consider poor quality products. For 30 years, we have strongly held our place in the market to achieve good evaluation. Our goal for the future is to commit to being the best.

Akira is a Taiwan-branded company who engages in the business of: coffee-related equipment including coffee stove, manual coffee grinder, hand mill, syphone for coffee, coffee pot, mocha pot, balancing syphon, coffee storage bin, etc.

Akira is a top brand company in Taiwan being well known for its high quality and precise manufacturing technique.