Dr. Coffee F11 全自動咖啡機月費套餐

  • $24,800.00

 Dr. Coffee F11:

  • The brewing system can meet your need for both non-pressurized regular coffee and pressurized espresso.

  • Smooth milk foam system, and self-cleaning mechanism

  • Ceramic flat-type to enhance the cup quality due to even grinding.

  • 7” touch panel with programmable coffee volume with just at your fingertips.

  • Recommended Daily Output: 100 Cups

  • Dimension: W 270 X D 475 X H 563 mm

  • Power: 220v 1700w 50/60Hz

參與Dr. Coffee F11全自動機月費套餐,可以港幣24000元作成立費用,其後每月港幣1400起可享用5Kg優質咖啡豆。



Classic No.1: https://sensoryhouse.coffee/collections/coffee-beans/products/product-1


Musetti Cremissimo:https://sensoryhouse.coffee/collections/coffee-beans/products/musetti-cremissimo


1. 所選的咖啡豆 (1kg) 5包

2. 牛奶發泡器清潔劑 (1L) 1支

3. 咖啡機清潔丸(100粒) 每3個月 1罐

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