About Us

Sensory House 作為一間專業的咖啡烘焙商及咖啡課程培訓所,我們一直致力搜尋高品質的咖啡生豆及咖啡相關產品,務求令你每一次都有優質而享受的消費體驗。

Sensory House is a coffee roastery located in Hong Kong. We source high quality green coffee beans from different single origins. We do roast to order for any purchases of Specialty Coffee (which is scored 80 or above out of 100 under SCAA standard.), because time kills coffee.  

Sensory House does Barista Training, Workshops and Coffee Events. We do both wholesales and retails for coffee beans (Green and Roasted). We also distribute different brands of Professional Espresso Machine, Coffee Grinder, and Coffee Accessories.


Our professional team is formed by coffee enthusiasts with international certificates as followings:


Authorised SCA Trainer

Authorised SCA Certifier

SCAE Barista Skills Level 1, 2

SCAE Grinding and Brewing Level 1, 2

SCAE Green Beans Level 1, 2

SCAE Sensory Level 1, 2

SCAE Roasting Level 1, 2

World Barista Championships (Hong Kong Region) 2014 - Sensory Judge

Vietnamese Barista Championships 2017 - Sensory Judge

Vietnamese Latte Art Championships 2017 - Visual Judge



Enquiry: (852) 3488 9321 / Whatsapp (852) 6289 5309